Online Business Integrator

A (not so secret) proven way to build your business empire.
Call me, maybe?What's an integrator?

Are you searching for the systemised and scalable business secret sauce?

The answer to ‘how do they do it?’

The ultimate, foolproof plan they’ve created to build their budding business empire?


Well let me tell you,
they don’t have a secret plan.

They don’t have insider intel. And they don’t have superhuman qualities you don’t.

What they do have is an


So, what is an INTEGRATOR?

An integrator is a crucial player in building your empire.

They work closely by your side and pull all the moving parts together.

And yep, that’s me. I’m an Integrator!

We work with creators, coaches and thought leaders to stand in their role as visionary.  We give you the space you crave to create.

Imagine feeling refreshed and inspired every day, to continue your path and see your vision come to life.

Knowing everything is under control and working as it should.

With an integrator by your side, you’ll no longer need to:

Deal with the tech nightmares

Worry about things that detract from progressing your vision

Walk your journey alone without anyone to help shoulder the pressure

Keep business cogs turning and be the ultimate problem fixer

How amazing would life be if you could:

  >> show up and share everyday

  >> create (and nail) your message


  >> grow your empire

Imagine what that would look like for you (and the impact you’d make)…

Do I need an integrator?

We’ve worked with a range of empire builders (you know the kind – coaches, course creators, speakers and thought leaders) and found there’s a vast difference in those who succeed and the ones who don’t. 

The empire builders are brave enough to take risks needed to create an impact and reach their goals. They’ve made that choice to do so. They’re not sitting back waiting for ‘a better time’ – they’re getting it done.


Are you ready to choose to back yourself and your vision?


To stop solving problems and start creating possibilities?


To get the support you need to lead and grow your empire?

Support for coaches

As an Integrator, I’m looking for empire builders who are invested, dedicated and ready to launch their business to the next level.

You create the vision; I’ll give it life.

Here’s how the crew at Audacious Empires are different


Shaking things up

​We’ve got a reputation in the industry for shaking things up. Mediocre isn’t how we roll. We push boundaries, think outside the square and can speak fluent tech.
In other words – we’re invested in you and your success.


We love EPIC

Are you brave? So are we.
Do you have big audacious ideas? The kind that would scare most people?
We don’t scare so easy.
We live for the thrill of building EPIC empires.
Oh, and we have the experience to back it up.


Partners of the unicorn kind

We’re called many things – secret weapons, ninjas and even unicorns.
Yep – all those times you’ve wished for a clone or a magical horse with trailing glitter? We’re it.

We get online business. From strategy to techy tools, automation to online courses, scaling to sexy funnels. We understand what it takes to run such an empire.

We partner with you, becoming an equal driving force.
Creating freedom for you and helping realise your empiric vision.

This is a complete game-changer because:

Strategic Thinker

You’ve now got another strategic thinker

Key to unlock skills

You’ve got access to a whole new level of talent

Invested team

You’ve got a whole crew firmly invested in making your vision come to life

But will it really work?

Our clients say that we’re their best-kept secret and don’t want to share us.

“Leanne impressed me from the get go with her professionalism, organisation and attention to detail. She’s willing, friendly, fun and she also genuinely cares about me and my business. Over the years our relationship has grown and Leanne is now completely essential to my business and I trust her 100%. Even as a copywriter I’m lost for words when it comes to describing how great she is.”


Kate Toon | The Recipe for SEO Success | The Clever Copywriting School


Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you so much for being an incredible human being and the countless hours and all the work you’ve done for Wordfetti. The Wordfetti Your Words course wouldn’t have happened without you (no, seriously!). Your support truly means the world to me, and I am so grateful for you!

Thank you for being you.”



The Audacious Empires Way: 3 Easy Steps to Rock Star Success

Strategy & planning

We’re big believers in taking purposeful action so it’s natural our first step is to work out where exactly you’re headed.

It’s far easier to follow a set of broken down strategic steps than to have audacious goals running wild.

We’ll do a deep dive into how your empire operates, where it thrives, find where the pressure points are and ultimately uncover what’s needed to bring your vision to life.

We’ll work directly with you to put all the information together and you’ll walk away with a 90-day plan packed with purposeful actions.

AKA Look at where you are now and what audacious goals we're gunning for and bridge the gap.

Action time

We’ve worked out where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

Now it’s time to bring those plans to life. The good news is we’ll manage the moving parts for you.

That 90-day map we made together? We take the reins and make it happen. 

Bonus: you’ll be sleeping better because #wegotyou

Measure & Review

The magic is happening. 

Your vision is coming to life.

But could it be done better? What was incredible and you need more of?

The final step is to review how the plans unfolded and how we can do it even better in the next 90-days.

We know there's always more goals to kick

Audacious Empires are your perfect business partner if:

  • You believe in yourself and know you’ve got the right stuff to make it
  • You know that with the right people and systems behind you that your empire will soar
  • You believe patience is a virtue and understand that like Rome; your empire won’t be built in a day
  • You don’t procrastinate as we’re looking for empire builders and visionaries who are action-takers, who don’t second guess themselves and who can make decisions

But we’re probably not for you if:

• You need to fully understand tactics and its mechanics before you’ll try it;
• You expect to get instant tangible results or;
• You struggle releasing control and trusting others

Tell me, how will you really help me?

It’s fairly obvious by now, I’m well versed in what it takes to run an empire.

What I’ve learnt?

There are three stages empire builders go through; Shift, Scale, Surge.

And the support you need is different for each stage.

Blue station


$4997 monthly*

The Shift

Looking to ditch your successful but time-sucking one-to-one model?

You know digital products and courses are the way to go.

You’re ready to launch a course or membership but aren’t sure how.

Let’s not even talk about the technology nightmare.

In the Shift phase, we’ll help you to:

  • Create a plan to move you from one-to-one stress to online bliss
  • Launch or improve your current online course or membership
  • Take your haphazard processes and turn them into well-oiled systems
  • Identify strong avenues to boost your visibility

In other words expand your reach to make an impact on more people at once. A one to many model with genuine value.

The Scale

​You’ve got a personal brand,  speaking opportunities, and an inbox full of podcast guest requests.

Your membership or course (or both) is chugging along and you’ve got plans for more.

Your list building efforts are well underway and your audience is intrigued and engaged.

But there’s still too much “you” needed.

Sure, you’ve got contractors but that means more questions to answer. You need a stop gap between them and you.

You need someone to share the load and keep your empire humming without dropping the ball.

In the Scale phase, we’ll help you to:

  • Release the pressure of keeping the wheels turning everyday
  • Ramp up your automation helping you get more done, with less time
  • Ditch your tech frustration by turning your tech nightmare into a peaceful ecosystem
  • Boost your bank balance by improving your marketing funnels
  • Launch like the pros, totally stress free
  • Create more, sell more & speak more without causing other priorities to lapse


$6997 monthly*


$8997 monthly*

The Surge

Your empire is well and truly established. You’ve got a loyal audience who want *MORE* you.

You make good money = PayPal pings while you sleep.

You’ve done the hard yards mastering your mindset; you’re the visionary and ready to partner with an integrator to give you the freedom to dream about what’s next and to dare to go further.

While you could coast comfortably with what you’ve created so far – you’re not done.

You want to go bigger, play with the 1 percenters – be truly EPIC.

You’re ready to surge. You’re ready to add more juice and stand out.

In the Surge phase we’ll help you to:

  • Become a true visionary allowing you to focus on the future instead of the present
  • Automate and integrate making your systems sleek and work in harmony
  • Make more moolah with the same amount of effort with the help of marketing metrics
  • Bring new ambitions to life
  • Broadcast your message and boost your profile
  • Be the name that is known and admired

Sounds incredible hey?

But like all the best things in life, there’s a catch. 

We only accept a limited number of rock stars
at any given time.

Why? We dig so deep and get invested with our clients,

<<< we start to live and breathe their empire>>>

To do this well and give our best, we need to limit the number of legends we can work with.

So, if you’re ready right now and don’t want to miss out, book your compatibility call now.

Have faith in yourself and know you CAN do this.

Life will always have ups and downs, but it’s your choice how to tackle it.

The things you want to achieve, the impact and you want to create – IT’S ALL POSSIBLE.

You need to give yourself permission to grow and let go
and be backed by the right team to make it happen.

If you’re ready to

get the traction to build your empire,

and you’ve been working so hard trying to do it solo,

book your compatibility call today.

You’re under no obligation to continue but let’s have a chat about who you are and what you’re building. And as the saying goes, you have nothing to lose.