Email Marketing, Sales Funnels and Social Media

Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

from $5,227 +gst

What the Funnel?

What would become possible in your life and business if you had an automated and predictable method to transform someone who barely knows you into a raving loyal customer? 

What would change if you had a repeatable and sustainable system for making more money without having to work harder or longer?

Well, that’s the power of email marketing and sales funnels. 

Believe it or not, email marketing and sales funnels aren’t the same thing.  A marketing funnel is the process for getting a lead into your business and a sales funnel is the process of converting that lead into a sale. Email marketing and nurture series are a tool that can be used to support both of these objectives.

If you don’t have either of these in your business right now, then you’re working way harder than you need to, and if you do have one or both but they’re not working so great, then what are you waiting for?

Social Media Strategy

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Social media with purpose, building your brand and making sales

Ain’t nobody got time for socials for the sake of socials.  Having socials that are a complete ghost town ain’t great either. 

So how do you create a consistent presence that supports your strategic vision without it consuming 27 hours of your day?

You need a strategy to tell you the who what where and how.

Base package includes:

  • Social media audience research analysis across identified channels 
  • Recommended scheduling and posting guidelines based on audience research
  • Review and breakdown of best performing content across identified channels (up to 3)
  • Reels and stories tips and tricks
  • General algorithm tips (FB & Insta specific)
  • Recommended platform set up for up to 3 channels
  • Content pillar development
  • Up to 3 hashtag sets created 
  • Identified engagement we want to create with your audience
  • Identified next actions we want your audience to take
  • Additional identified traffic pathways we want your audience to take
  • General content inspirations
  • Instagram video and story inspirations
  • Summary of recommended posting times for platforms 
  • 1 month social media schedule example based on content pillars and recommended posting times
  • Social media content planner creation and integration with your project management system, including training and handover
  • Social media analytics tracking sheet creation (up to 3 platforms) & training
  • Recommended platform scheduling tools (up to 3 choices), selected tool overview with recording
    *Does not include copy creation and creation of design assets or post scheduling


    My first Clarity Call went very well. It was with a CEO who I had never met but he saw a post on LinkedIn that someone had liked and then checked out the website. Wants me to provide a proposal for the Platinum Package to get signed off and wants to start the process. The hard work is paying off.

    Lewis Greenup

    Director, LG Advisory