OBM Academy

Fast track your OBM business with the proven system to earn 6-figures, without the 14 hour days and clients who are impossible to satisfy.

It all started with such promise and excitement but then reality struck…

Wishing you had the step-by-step solution to owning a 6-figure OBM business?

Tired of working 14 hour days and missing every weekend?

Frustrated trying to get new clients only to feel like everything you do for them is wrong?

Sound about right?

Let me introduce you to OBM Academy.

Rocket-fueling OBM businesses to 6-figures and beyond without the 14 hour days and client who are impossible to satisfy.

Another day,
another dollar…
for someone else.

You love what you do,
but it’s a little bit a lot exhausting, right?

Your clients get the best of you, you’ve got talent and you’re committed to giving them the support they crave.

But sometimes, often late at night when you’re doing “just one more thing”, you wonder
“Is it my turn yet?”

Your time goes into building businesses and getting results but when it comes to your own,
you’ve got nothing left in your tank.

It seems impossible to earn what you want, to weave your magic to build your own empire and earn that elusive figure everyone raves about.

What if we told you it is possible to create a six-figure OBM business that gives you the freedom you desire without working longer and harder?

“Yes! You got the amazing client. You throw yourself a congratulations party and get to work. Then it somehow all turns for the worse.”

The worst part?

You’re confused about where you went wrong.
You did everything you could, the best you could.
You overdelivered. Worked longer.
Researched custom solutions and learnt new skills.
Even reduced your price.

All to end up with a disappointed, less-than enthusiastic
and frankly ungrateful response.

Feeling frustrated and deflated,
you start questioning your abilities, your expertise.

Ready to trade unhappy clients for raving reviews?

The truth is, not everyone is for you and you’re not for everyone.

It’s not a myth. The amazing clients do exist.

Clients who inspire you.
Clients who treat you as a vital member of their team.
And who value your knowledge and experience.

And once you find them, you’ll never look back.

The good news is you don’t have to search hard,
we’ve walked the path before and are here to lead you there.

What they’re saying…

“You’ve given me the courage and confidence to know my value and ask for what it is that I want”

“The topics covered are very relevant for where I’m at right now, so worthy and well thought out

“You’ve given me quite a light bulb moment

“In a meeting with a client I took the opportunity to suggest outcome based packaging for the first time and increasing my rate to reflect the value I provide”

OBM Academy

Run for OBMs by OBMs. 

Taking you from overworked, underpaid and exhausted to earning 6-figures with clients who value you.


What will I learn?

Module overview

Module 1

Uncover your unique value to stand out in the market and charge premium prices.

Module 2

Walk into work everyday feeling excited and inspired, attracting only the BEST clients. Get ready to enjoy a list of hot leads waiting to work with YOU.

Module 3

Create a profitable pricing strategy and stop trading time for money once and for all

Module 4

Give clients what they [REALLY] need to keep coming back for more so you can enjoy repeat clients and an organic referral network.

Module 5

Become an invaluable asset by mastering the ins and outs of strategic thinking. Get your clients the results they crave and a reputation that precedes you.

Module 6

Develop the crucial skills to deliver a premium
OBM service. Add to your toolkit the right way so you can get the most out of your training time and turn your learning into a sellable asset.
Leanne Woff standing with laptop and pen

How do I know you’re not just all talk?

Take a walk down memory lane with us, it all started with our founder, Leanne…

It didn’t take long, I looked at the industry and thought “something’s missing here.” I don’t know what your childhood was like, but mine was crawling around my dad’s mechanic workshop with greasy knees. That was when I started learning about running a business, something I’ve lived and breathed ever since.

I found myself in the VA world and started building my little empire mirroring what I’d always seen. And then I noticed something, this world was different. I made progress and people were, well shocked. I hadn’t been in business long and I’d already gotten further than most did in 8 years. From my point of view, I wasn’t doing anything all that special.

 Turns out, I was operating at a different standard. I wasn’t running
a side-hustle or hobby business.

I was just running a business business.

Sounds great, right?

Maybe, but the impact was frustration, sadness and overwhelm.

Overwhelmed repeatedly explaining why I was different.

Frustrated trying to convince prospects I was trustworthy, reliable and invested.

Sad my industry had sold me short, needing to prove I was so much more than a $5 per hour assistant.

So, I decided to change it.

I redefined who I was from VA to OBM
and with that my services,
pricing and my communication strategy.

I was determined to transform this industry,
one OBM at a time,
starting with me.

OBM Academy is for you if:

  • You love supporting OBM clients but wish it was
    more profitable
  • Want to stand-out in the OBM industry with clients lining up to work with you
  • Are committed to offering a high-quality service
  • Working 14 hour days and missing your kid’s bedtime is getting stale
  • Want to learn how to ditch trading time for money
  • Ready to get your hands and elbows dirty to get the badass results you know you can

OBM Academy isn’t for you if:

  • You believe doing the same thing you’ve always done will get you different results
  • You’re looking for a program packed with long training videos and minimal actions
  • You’re unwilling to prioritise YOU and set aside the time to engage with others in the program
  • You aren’t committed to taking the action needed to create a business that serves both your clients and yourself

Opening 20 September

Enrolments open on 20 September

Premium Support

Get support from specialist trainers who are practising OBMs

6 Modules

Six modules to get you on your way to your OBM dreams and earning that 6 figure income you deserve

What’s included

Exclusive OBM Profiling Tool


Access to our range of templates

6 x Step by Step Workbooks

Access to recorded video lessons

6 x Group coaching calls

1 x 1:1 milestone check in call

Coach access

What’s that all worth to me? We hear you asking…

Full 6 module program including videos and activities $4997

Access to 50 years of business management expertise $9997

8 x 1 hour group coaching calls $1997

1 x milestone individual coaching sessions $397

6 carefully crafted workbooks $600

27 Business-boosting templates, cheat sheets and guides $597

6 Needle-moving assignments – assessed by trainers with individual feedback $1197

Our trademark OBM Profile assessment $997

Total value $20,779

But you won’t be parting with $20,779…

Yes, OBM Academy is worth at least $20,779.

And yes, we know we could easily charge this as securing just one new client would more than cover the investment in the program… can you say “no-brainer”?!

PLUS when you enrol TODAY you’ll also score

these amazing bonuses



Sign up during Earlybird, and you’ll also get access to the following exclusive bonuses

expires Wednesday 21st September at midnight (AEST)

500 dollar discount

$500 discount on the special launch pricing

On top of the one-time launch only pricing, you’ll also get a $500 discount. What else could you do with $500 in your pocket?


Extra milestone coaching call

Bonus Milestone Coaching Call (valued at $398)

Most programs will leave you adrift at sea to find your own way, but we know how critical accountability is to succeeding as an OBM, and we’re pulling out all the stops to help you break through any blocks so you’re kept motivated and on the easy path to reaching your goals.


Bonus access to OBM community

12 Months Access to the soon-to-be-launched OBM Academy Membership (Normally $997 per year)

The fun doesn’t end when the program ends; we won’t leave you alone in the wilderness. We know you’ve got big dreams as an OBM, so we’re giving you the ongoing training and support you need to keep kicking your badass OBM goals. And it’s not just a community; you’ll also get exclsuive coaching calls just for members, networking opportunities and be up-to-date on all OBM news — you’ll never need to suffer from the dreaded OBM imposter syndrome!

Lifetime access to OBM Academy content

Lifetime Access to the OBMA Program (valued at $4997)

While most LIVE programs remove access to its content once the program finishes, today we’re doing one better and making sure you have lifetime access to all the OBM Academy course content, because we believe it’s yours to access — always.

Join us and fast track your OBM business today

Want to get the help you need to go from stuck to thriving in your OBM business?

Scared of joining another program run by trainers who don’t even know what an OBM is and get you nowhere?

You’re safe here.

Have you ever wondered why programs with killer reputations, raving reviews and
all the shiny stats just don’t work for you?

Sure, they get you a tiny bit further but far far away from where you’d hoped.

You pour over the training material, you take a stab at the activities
and you even ask the trainer themselves for help.

But you still don’t get the results.

The answer?

The programs are great, the trainer is brilliant and the crew is supportive
but no matter how hard you try you’re never going to get the rewards
everyone else does because

those trainers aren’t OBMs. 

They don’t know what it’s like to be pulled between clients who all need you now,
to be the problem-solver and the one who keeps the cogs turning every single day.


No, other trainers don’t know what it’s like, but we do.

Meet your trainers

Leanne Woff white female leaning against desk


Leanne is the founder behind Audacious Empires and assembled this team of unicorns you’ve been searching for.

She’s an award-winning online business manager, integrator, a bookkeeper, an avid business networker and connector, a systems junkie, a tech lover, and a mother of 2 sets of twins with an uncanny ability to spill every single cup of coffee she attempts to drink.

Her dream team is an empire builder’s secret weapon.


Having gotten lost in the vortex of online marketing since 2012 (that’s like 40 years in internet years), Rachael has witnessed all things that come with digital products, online launches, email sequences and sales funnels.

She’s got the expertise, commitment and determination to help your course successfully launch.


A pocket rocket in her own right, Chloe is known as the ‘mini Leanne’. Chloe is the absolute queen of keeping the AE wheels spinning. She’s got the drive, determination, capability and care factor to smash goals and manage our team.

Chloe’s an expert when it comes to Claw Machines. So while we all fail infront of our sad children, she’s growing her own teddy stash (seriously, you should see it!)


There’s clearly something in the water here at Audacious Empires, Shannon has a set of twins, so is used to having her hands full.  She has over 20 years experience in managing small businesses and building processes that work, maximising efficiencies and pushing technology to its functional limits.

As one of the online business managers at Audacious Empires, Shannon loves to build the strategies and see them come to life.

Don’t take our word for it

Just some of our awards

This is what others had to say

It would have been a totally different outcome if it wasn’t for Audacious Empires. We wouldn’t have gotten the success we got when we first launched our program.

Erika Cramer

The Queen of Confidence

It was like finding the perfect avocado. Even as a copywriter I’m lost for words when it comes to describing how great she (Leanne) is.

Kate Toon

Kate Toon Copywriter

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I now have the clarity I’ve been looking for since I started my business 3+ years ago.

Briony Cullin

Digital Marketing Freelancer

As seen on

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Gold Stamp


We don’t want you to feel like you can’t change your mind.

Decide that this isn’t for you within 48 hours of signing up (and before commencement date) and we will give you 100% of your money back!


We’re not in this just for the laughs, we promise we’ll be in your corner the entire time.

We promise you’ll be supported and have access to all the tools you need to transform your OBM business.



When does the program start?

2023 – Date TBC

What if I get stuck?

We’ll help unstick you. This program has been built from the ground up with one thing in mind – impact. Small steps for big results. When you get stuck, you’ve got access to weekly coaching calls, the private support group and the milestone calls to ask the questions you need answered so you can keep going.

How is the training delivered?

We understand everyone learns slightly differently. The training is packaged into a mix of live video, recorded video training via our course portal, written explanations and visual diagrams. There are six modules which are released one week at a time.

How much time do I need to commit?

Like any program, you get out what you put in. The minimum we’d recommend is 3 hours per week (about 30 minutes a day), to watch the training and complete the needle moving tasks.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You have lifetime access. This means for as long we run this program in this format, you’ll have access to the program materials and the coaching call recordings.

How are the coaching calls held and when are they?

The live coaching calls with be held via Zoom and be interactive.

The calls will be held weekly on Thursday mornings at 10am AEST/AEDT.

Are there assessments?

Yes! At the end of each module there is a small assignment, you’ll be asked to complete a task or activity that directly relates to your current OBM business. Once reviewed, you’ll be able to use what you’ve created within your business everyday. In other words, you’re creating business assets you can use on repeat.

What is the refund policy?

We don’t want you to feel like you can’t change your mind.

Decide that this isn’t for you within 48 hours of signing up (and before commencement date) and we will give you 100% of your money back!

I’m not an Online Business Manager, will this still work for me?

Unless you’re something awfully OBM-like (Operations VA, Project Management VA, Digital Assistant etc), probably not. 

When will the program run again?

We aim to run OBM Academy again early in 2023.

Are the results guaranteed?

No. Although we’d love to be able to say everyone gets the same incredible results, this is not something we can guarantee. Each person’s results will differ based on both internal and external factors such as the level of commitment made, the amount of action taken, understanding of online business operations, the current economy and financial climate and the like.

Do I need prior knowledge to enrol?

No formal education is required, however this program is most beneficial for those currently running an OBM or similar  business. 

Remember, when it comes to running a highly successful OBM business…

we’re absolutely no different than you!

Really, the only difference between you and us is that we went through the hard yards to uncover the 6 steps that led us to breakthrough the OBM glass ceiling enjoy a whole next level success.

In this program, you will learn the 6 Steps that are the exact steps we used to move from frustrated VA to in-demand OBMs. OBM Academy is designed to give you the tools to land the big-fish clients and keep them coming back for more.

We’ve been in your shoes before, so we know what makes a difference.


Money Back Guarantee Gold Stamp


We don’t want you to feel like you can’t change your mind.

Decide that this isn’t for you within 48 hours of signing up (and before commencement date) and we will give you 100% of your money back!


We’re not in this just for the laughs, we promise we’ll be in your corner the entire time.

We promise you’ll be supported and have access to all the tools you need to transform your OBM business.