Unlock the Secrets to Building a Thriving OBM Business – Crush Roadblocks and Dominate the Industry. 

Welcome to the first episode of The Audacious OBM Podcast! In this epic kick-off, our fearless host, Leanne Woff, shares her personal journey and mind-blowing insights on building a wildly successful Online Business Manager (OBM) empire. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover the untold secrets of OBM mastery.

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Who is The Audacious OBM Podcast for?


As a badass mother of six, including two sets of twins and two foster kids, and an unstoppable professional, Leanne knows first-hand the challenges and triumphs that come with balancing work and life. Her unique experiences and relentless determination make her the perfect guide to navigate the high-stakes world of OBM success. 

In this podcast, Leanne reveals the game-changing factors that help OBMs shine like rockstars, drawing from her vast experience working with an array of clients and collaborating with fellow OBM trailblazers.

Leanne’s mission is to ignite a firestorm to banish mediocrity from the OBM industry and increase standards to new heights. With fierce passion and wisdom, she aims to inspire and empower you to become the OBM rockstar you were always meant to be.

Join us weekly for episodes exploding with OBM knowledge, tips, and honest conversation.


A taste of topics we’ll discuss

  • Effective Communication: Build trust and handle tough conversations
  • Time Management: Maximise productivity and balance work-life
  • Prime Positioning: Embrace the OBM role and boost confidence
  • Unique Value: Stand out with your distinct strengths
  • Ideal Audience: Attract the best clients and eager leads
  • Profitable Pricing: Craft strategies beyond trading time for money
  • Exceptional Client Experiences: Create seamless journeys
  • Ownership: Maintain relationships and grow your referral network
  • Strategic Expertise: Deliver results clients crave.
  • Skills & Tools: Develop essential techniques for OBM services
  • Growth & Scale: Set up your business for lasting success


With each episode, you’ll gain a new arsenal of skills to help you stand-out in the industry and make your mark as a true OBM superstar. Embrace the support, knowledge, and inspiration offered by Leanne and the Audacious OBM community. Begin your epic journey with the Audacious OBM Podcast and watch your business transform.


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