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Standard Operating Procedure Template
Making SOP creation simple

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure, which simply put is ‘the way you do what you do.’

SOPs document the process of completing a specific task or operation within your business but usually this is easier said than done.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step solution to help you easily craft SOPs for yourself and your clients, the Audacious Empires Standard Operating Procedure Template is for you.

What you get:

1. An overview of what Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are and why they’re needed
2. Guidelines on how to create great SOPs
3. A Google Doc version of the template
4. A Microsoft Word Version of the template
5. Detailed written instructions on how to use and populate the template
6. Video walkthrough of how to edit the template to suit your branding, along with how to use and populate it
7. An annotated example of a completed SOP using the template
8. An inbuilt quality assurance checklist to use with your template

Please note:

Due to the downloadable nature of this product, change of mind refunds are not available